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    • Coupon Package
    • 1. By definition, "New Users" are registered users who have never placed an order on
    • 2. These Coupons are only available to Registered Users within 30 days of registering.
    • 3. Each New User can receive each Coupon Package only once.
    • 4. Only one coupon can be redeemed per order.
    • 5. Complete details of any coupon you receive is available in "My Account-My Coupons".
    • Points Goods
    • 1. Each New User can be points exchange goods only once.
    • 2. Only one points goods can be exchange per order.
    • 3. If the order is canceled,you can no longer participate.
    • Three Order Rewards
    • 1. Each reward is limited to one per user.
    • 2. Get Points Rewards - Complete 1st order and have shipped,click the button to get 100 Points. - Complete 2nd order and have shipped,click the button to get 200 Points. - If the order is canceled,the points will be withdrawn.
    • 3. Get 2% Cash Back Rewards - Complete 3rd order to get 2% cash back from the first three orders.
      (Example: If the first three orders have a total value of $101.6,you will get $2.03 cash back)
      - If any of the first 3 orders are returned,the value of the related order will not be included in the cash back calculation. - You receive the cash back 30 days after all three orders have shipped. - The cash back amount is credited to your BGpay account.
      Banggood reserves all rights
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